completefilms This first one is the back cover of a book which every Keaton fan should own; The Complete Films of Buster Keaton, By Jim Kline. It's a paperback, it's only about $17.00, and it's fun to read. I find myself referring back to it constantly. Buy this book at!
bk-post I bought this post card on eBay. It is an actual post card of Buster's Home in LA, CA. It was mailed in November, 1930 from "Chet," vacationing in Los Angeles, to Peggy Reiman in Castle Rock, WA. There's a canceled 1-cent stamp and hand written message on the back.
barrel I found this one, of Buster crashing out of a barrel, at an old movie memorabilia store in Boston. Thanks to a guy named Elliot, I found out this photo was a still from Buster's last starring feature at MGM, What, No Beer? which co-starred Jimmy Durante. Thanks Elliot.
bk-flower I found this one in a movie memorabilia store in Cambridge. This was also the only Keaton photo they had. Thanks to a guy named Isaac, I finally found out this is a still from Daydreams (1922).
cameraman I found this photo in a Kenneth Cole shoe catalog, along with some other shots of old film actors. This photo is definitely from The Cameraman (1928) but it is not out of the movie. It's just a cool promo still I have never seen before.
bk-neighbors Still from the Keaton Short, Neighbors (1920). In the photo with Keaton is Joe Roberts, who was in many of Keaton's two reelers.
bk-general Promo still from The General (1927).
bk-ourhosp From Our Hospitality (1923).
bk-battling From Battling Butler (1926). Buster in the ring with Alfred 'Battling' Butler (played by Francis McDonald.)
bk-steamboat From Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1927). Earnest Torrance (Steamboat Bill Sr.) is on the left. Tom Lewis (Bill's First Mate) is on the right.
bk-navigator From The Navigator. (1924). This is a rare photo in which you can see Buster's missing right index finger, which he lost in an accident as a child.
bk-sherlock From Sherlock Jr. (1924).
bk-sevenchances From Seven Chances (1925). Buster with 500 willing and potential brides.
bk-young Buster, in two different costumes as part of The Three Keatons vaudeville act.
bk-eleanor Buster and his wife Eleanor at a 1962 Berlin film festival.

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