These images were taken right out of the inserts of two
Rhino Records CDs... 's wonderful and Singin' in the Rain...
Rhino, please don't sue me.
gk-cdcover This is the CD cover of 's wonderful. Go buy this disk if you want to hear Gene Kelly singing. Go to Rhino Records for more information on the disc.
gk-head Nice, classic head shot. From the CD booklet above.
gk-inparis This is a photo from An American in Paris. It looks like a frame taken right out of the film.
gk-cool Yes! He was so cool. You wish you had that much style.
gk-clean The 's wonderful CD cover after Photoshop.
sitr-cd This is the cover to the latest release of the Singin' in the Rain soundtrack. Go to Rhino Records for more info on the disc.
gk-umbrella Photo from the above disc. Yeah!
do-gk-fa The "Triple Threat Trio." Fred Astaire visits Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly. on the set of Singin' in the Rain.
do-gk Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly in the "Fit as a Fiddle" montage in Singin' in the Rain.
gk-lamppost The famous, classic Gene Kelly pose. From Singin' in the Rain (1952). I recently got an e-mail from a woman who told me GK went through 8 identical wool suits during the filming of this scene. He had to change suits eight times because the wool kept shrinking. She said if you watch the finished scene shot by shot, his sleeves keep changing length!

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